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Sep 7, 2020
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Marketplace Rules for Sellers

All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when operating and listing their products on Website. Repeat offenses and bad reviews will result in immediate suspension of your account.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUT ENCOURAGED... to have your profile verified by staff, this may be a driving license or another form of ID such as a passport. We discourage our members from buying from non-verified sellers. If you are a legitimate seller you will never have an issue with this.

All sellers are strictly required to follow these Rules and Regulations to ensure good reputation and maintenance of trust by buyers. Ensure you act fairly and honestly, and in addition, but not limited to;

3.1 Provide accurate information to and customers at all times, about your products;

3.2 Act fairly and not misuse Website or its additional products and/or services;

3.3 Not attempt to damage, abuse or hinder the capacity of another seller, their listings or ratings;

3.4 Not attempt to influence customer reviews, feedback or comments;

3.5 Do not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications, or use/sell any personal information in any way;

3.6 Do not contact customers except through Communication Services provided by Website;

3.7 Not attempt to circumvent the sales processes;

3.8 Provide the best possible customer care before and after sale, to ensure good ratings and to build trust and relationships;

3.9 Do not include self-promotional marketing material in any products sold, unless allowed by the customer.

Marketplace Rules for Buyers and it's staff are in no way affiliated with any of the sellers, unless otherwise stated and shown. Because is truly an open and public community we do not intervene in members' sales process - however you should ONLY BUY FROM VERIFIED SELLERS and adhere to the below guidelines:

4.1 Buy only from VERIFIED sellers. If you choose to buy from someone who is not verified WE WILL NOT ASSIST YOU IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. It will be entirely your own responsibility to ensure you receive what you pay for, if not, it is your own problem - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

4.2 Do not submit false reviews, or artificially inflate feedback.

4.3 Do not defame, abuse or harass verified sellers. Everything should be submitted and dealt with via tickets. is an open and a public platform, we do not charge our members, take fees, or anything of the sort. We keep it open, and we keep it civil. We rely on your donations to keep operating. We accept no liability for any transactions or deals made between sellers and/or buyers. And we will only assist buyer/seller who are verified out of our own generosity but can also ignore the request. You are entirely responsible for your own actions, legally.

Both sellers and buyers should use a VERIFIED AND LEGITIMATE ESCROW SYSTEM and agree the terms of the deal between themselves. is in no way, shape or form responsible for any transactions, listings or sales gone right or wrong.
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